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    Thermia Barcelona thermo-acoustic windows are a modern concept for aluminium doors and windows, developed to provide the comfort, savings and tranquillity that we all want to enjoy in our homes for many years.

    The broad range of Thermia® aluminium windows and doors provides high thermal and acoustic insulation for the home, while significantly helping to save on electricity and gas bills. They adapt perfectly to suit your needs and directly result in a more practical and comfortable life.

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    Did you know…?

    The airtightness, watertightness and wind resistance of the Thermia® windows has been tested in European Union notified facilities and they have received the highest ratings.

    Only in this way can we offer the highest quality guarantee and you can rest assured that you are purchasing a product that will last many years.

    Getting the details right. Certified quality.

    Getting the details right. Certified quality.

    Rubber seals, stainless steel, treated zamac. All elements that comprise a Thermia® window and the treatments they receive to withstand wear from weather and continued use comply with European regulations. This is not the case with other window brands, which cannot guarantee the origin of these components.



    Fitting windows.

    Fitting windows.

    A good fit is essential for ensuring a watertight and airtight window. Your Thermia® distributor will advise you in choosing the model of  window that is best suited to your home and fit the windows in the best way possible.

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    Replacing old windows for new aluminium windows is a very good investment for long-term energy savings.

    With aluminium windows you can save up to 30% on the consumption of  heating in winter and save up to 40% in summer.

    Invest in comfort in winter.
    In the winter months we like to enjoy our homes comfortably. For this, the room temperature must be between 20ºC and 23ºC.

    Old windows (over 20 years old) can cause losses of up to 30% of heating consumption. That is why renovating the windows of a house is, above all, a long-term investment that is directly related to energy savings in the home.

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    approx. % saving on heating in winter


    approx. % saving on AC in summer

    Also save in summer.
    During the hottest months insulation from the exterior is as important or more so than in winter. Generating a lower temperature through cooling systems such as air conditioning is one of the major solutions available. But this must be supplemented by a good system of airtight closures, in order to prevent the loss of this generated energy.

    Thermia windows ensure that we can enjoy a comfortable home all year round and, most importantly, reduce bills such as electricity and gas.

    Did you know…?
    Cooling costs more than heating.

    If you need a professional to advise you on changing the windows in your house, get in touch with us and we will help you with a Thermia distributor in your area.

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