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    Thermia Barcelona

    was founded 35 years ago by 2 brothers (Xavier and Josep Maria Blasi). They began in a little 40-m2 family store selling components for aluminium windows. They knew that it was an emerging market and despite the initial restraints and hardships, they were able to establish the company. After several years, they began to sell and distribute aluminium profiles for window manufacturing workshops. Convinced that the existing products could be improved upon, and with a technical office, they decided to design their own aluminium systems; thus, Thermia Barcelona was born.


    Our goal is to offer all the sector’s professionals certified, quality windows that are versatile and able to provide a solution for any kind of project. We are aware of the complexity of manufacturing windows, which is why we strive to offer ongoing support and fluid communication with all our clients.


    For us, a window must go a step further; it must create spaces where there was none before, it must enable our home to bathe in natural sunlight, it must be airtight to protect us from the cold and heat, provide a silent setting, with a design in accordance with the rest of the architecture, and facilitate energy savings. A window should help create a comfortable and functional homes, with minimal effort for us. For us, a window should be an opportunity for a better life.