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  • Thermia® aluminium sliding windows

    Thermia slidingThermia Barcelona aluminium sliding windows (sliding system) enable the window’s leaves to open and close in parallel using wheels that slide along the tracks of the frame.

    With this system you can have large-scale windows with practically no need for any space to open and close.

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    The sliding window solution is ideal for:

    • Small bedrooms.
    • Balcony access.
    • Large transit surface areas, where the most possible space is required.
    • Creating new spaces.

    One of the advantages of sliding windows is that they allow for great space saving thanks to their sliding opening system.

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    The window that is not seen. Thermia® pocket solution.The window that is not seen. Thermia® pocket solution.

    The “pocket” solution allows for a hidden sash to be created in the wall and it opens up the space completely. Have windows without having windows.

    Windows that build spaces. Thermia® kiss solution.

    Windows that build spaces. Thermia® kiss solution.

    Create larger spaces with solutions like Thermia’s “Kiss”, removing the transom from view where the two leaves meet.

    Folding structures for gardens.

    Folding structures for gardens.

    Another good option for having a free-flowing area to the garden are the  multi-leaf folding and sliding solutions.

    Did you know…?

    Windows that are not completely windproof and waterproof can lead to temperature losses of between 25% and 50% from a property. This results in massive outlays on your gas or electricity bills.

    Did you know…?

    Aluminium windows do not lose their shape, they offer great durability and resistance, they are 100% recyclable, they come in many colour and finish options and their performance does not deteriorate over time. For peace of mind, choose aluminium.