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  • Thermia® casement windows

    In general, Thermia aluminium casement windows and doors provide greater thermal and acoustic insulation because the leaf is flush to the frame in its closure system. This, in addition to the fact that all the leaves have rubber systems throughout their entire perimeter, enables us to ensure that they are airtight.

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    The casement window solution is ideal for:

    • Cold bedrooms where a great deal of insulation is required.
    • Very noisy bedrooms.
    •  Significant energy savings: the tilt and turn system enables the minimum necessary ventilation, avoiding excessive energy losses.

    Thanks to their airtightness, the casement windows offer extremely effective thermal and acoustic insulation.

    They also allow the air to be renewed within the spaces in a more sustainable manner.

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    Better cleaning

    They facilitate cleaning in places that you cannot reach from the balcony

    Practical tip

    Tilt and turn opening in both summer and winter for greater energy saving and security.