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    With thermal bridge break

    THERMIA AR78+C16

    The Thermia AR78plus C16 series is a system for windows and doors with exceptional technical features, offering extremely high thermal and acoustic insulation. Solutions are available for different types of doors and windows. Furthermore, all of its profiles are suitable for two-colour projects and/or curved windows.

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    THERMIA OC78+C16

    The Thermia OC78plus  C16 series is characterised for having light and simple aesthetics. Designed with excellent thermal and acoustic performance. These windows will enable you to maximise the glass surface area, increasing the amount of natural sunlight from the outside.

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    Without thermal bridge break

    THERMIA AF52 C16

    The Thermia AF52 Canal 16 casement series enables users to acquire a basic system for a wide range of architectural solutions that do not require a high-degree of thermal insulation, and which can benefit from good acoustic insulation and long-lasting functionality.

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