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    Your home is unique.
    As are your windows.

    When choosing aluminium windows, the professional is key.

    We know that choosing the best aluminium windows is not an easy task, and can be complicated if you do not have a technical background. That is why our team of expert distributors of Thermia® windows will listen to your needs, advise you and inform you about all that is required to make your decision the correct one.

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    The Thermia® windows distributors will carry out a personalized study and analysis of the space to guide you in choosing the best windows.

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    Your distributor will carry out a personalized study of your home that will take into account aspects like…

    Thermal insulation and the weather.

    It is important to note that not all models behave in the same way to high winds, heavy rain or very low temperatures.
    Some models guarantee better insulation against certain atmospheric conditions than others.

    Acoustic insulation.

    How much noise should it withstand?

    If your home is in an area in which there is a lot of noise and we need an effective insulation against noise pollution, we should pay special attention to the closure and glass composition of the windows.

    The direction of the window and the space.

    How much sunlight does the window receive?

    A window that never gets direct sunlight (north-facing) must have very different characteristics from a south-facing window, which always gets the sun.

    The dimensions of the window.

    It is essential to know how big the window must be, because the profiles and mechanisms required by a small window are more basic than those of a window with large dimensions and, therefore, a small window is cheaper.

    The amount of use of the window.

    Sometimes windows only serve to allow light into a space; sometimes windows are the entrance doors to our garden or balcony. Depending on the everyday use we want our windows to have, the professional will guide us in choosing the window that is best suited to our needs.

    Security. Are there children at home?

    Safety comes first. Our selection must employ the safest possible mechanisms and materials to avoid injury to children around the house. Examples:

    • Laminated glass
    • Removable handle
    • Safety lock

    Space available to open and close.

    Depending on the interior space, the professional will recommend one type of opening or another. For example, sliding windows are a great space-saving solution.


    Aesthetics, colour, finishes and accessories.

    Often the colour of the windows has to match the one established in the residents’ association by-laws. This is to respect the aesthetic of the façade of the whole building. Therefore, before we make our decision, we need check the requirements to avoid breaking the rules.

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