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    Interior screens and dividers | Thermia SOHO

    Thermia SOHO is an interior divider screen system designed to offer all the decorative styles you can imagine in combination with the most contemporary functionalities.

    With the Thermia SOHO system, you can divide, create, and design multiple spaces in any style.

    Mamapara dividoria interior Thermia SOHO
    Thermia SOHO mamparas divisorias de interior

    The Thermia SOHO divider screen system is inspired by old Eastern and Western architecture. From the East, it captures the idea of Shoji, the characteristic dividers used in Japanese homes made from lightweight materials like bamboo and rice paper. These beautiful dynamic screens help to create delicate, reserved spaces, and they are also great diffusers of natural light.

    From the West, Thermia SOHO is inspired by the industrial factory esthetic of 1950s New York, where supporting elements such as beams, ventilation ducts and weathered bricks are left in full view.

    Thermia SOHO is an ideal tool for designers and architects looking to design dynamic environments characterized by movement, light, and the interplay of spaces.

    Combine and choose:

    Thermia SOHO is a very versatile system that allows you to combine the types of opening, colors, finishes, and the materials you want to diffuse or shut out the passage of light.

    Thermia SOHO dividor mamparas interior

    / The type of door.

    / The type of panel.

    / The interior partitions.

    / The glass and other materials.

    / The color and texture of the aluminum.

    / The accessories.

    1. Choose the type of DOOR /

    This system offers 4 types of opening, all of which can be combined with fixed panels at the side or on the top.

    Types of Thermia SOHO doors


    Thermia SOHO _puerta corredera industrial

    1-leaf sliding door / 2-leaf sliding door


    Thermia SOHO _puerta pivotante

    1-leaf pivot door / 2-leaf pivot door


    Thermia SOHO _puerta

    1-leaf casement door / 2-leaf casement door


    Thermia SOHO _puerta corredera

    1-leaf sliding door / 2-leaf sliding door

    Thermia-SOHO-divisores interiores

    4. Choose the combinations of FIXED PANELS /

    What fixed panel combinations does Thermia SOHO allow me to make?

    The Thermia SOHO system is totally modular and allows you to create walls of glass with any design you can imagine.

    Examples of combinations of fixed panels and glass walls

    Paneles divisor Thermia SOHO
    Paneles divisor Thermia SOHO
    Paneles divisor Thermia SOHO
    Paneles divisor Thermia SOHO

    2. Choose the interior PARTITIONS /

    Horizontal, vertical or
    curved lines. Which design matches best?

    The interior partitions and dividers of the Thermia SOHO system provide rhythm and unique personality.

    Thermia-SOHO-divisores interiores

    The partition profile of the Thermia SOHO system comes in 3 distinct sizes for different heights or designs.

    Profile with the possibility of having a curved arc

    The interior partitions or grids can be combined with each other to create patterns on the glass surface for both doors and fixed panels.

    4. Choose the COLOR AND TEXTURE of the structures

    The wide range of colors available means the structure can be integrated into the overall interior design.


    Unlike other materials, Thermia SOHO allows you to apply any color and finish available for aluminum:

    All the profiles in the Thermia SOHO series can be lacquered in the color of your choice. The combination of colors between the main frame profiles and the crosshead profiles can be very interesting…

    Lacquered effect

    Wood effect

    Anodized effect

    5. Choose the filler MATERIALS

    The variety of materials adds versatility to the separation between spaces.

    Achieve the desired level of privacy thanks to the filling.


    The Thermia SOHO panels can be filled with different materials; while glass is the most common, aluminum or particle board are also viable options.

    Mamapara dividoria interior Thermia SOHO
    Mamapara dividoria interior Thermia SOHO

    6. Choose the ACCESSORIES to round off your choice

    The accessories will lend that distinctive touch to the divider system you have designed.

    All the accessory options offered by Thermia SOHO.

    accesorio thermia soho

    Klein handle

    Thin handle

    Industrial wheel

    Round handle

    Rectangular handle

    ITALIA minimalist door handle

    SIRIUS casement door handle

    KARMA casement door handle

    The mechanism ensures the leaf has a soft and silent close, no matter the force exerted on it. Compatible with all Thermia SOHO door models.

    A world of interior space

    thermia SOHO