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    Personalise your entrance door thanks to the different FINISHES.

    The entrance door is the cover note to the decorative style of a house or business. At Thermia Barcelona we have a wide range of panels for entrance doors. We also have options for glass doors, semi-glass doors and doors with slats or strengthened panels. The choice will always depend on each project’s needs and demands.
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    Puertas_zocalosSkirting: robust profile that will strengthen the whole structure. The skirting comes with a double track for fitting weatherstrip.

    Base: small lower frame that provides maximum airtight sealing. Suitable for reduced mobility access.


    Accessories for Thermia doors

    The Thermia Barcelona collection offers many accessory combinations to give your entrance door the character you are looking for.


    Choose the surface you want for your entrance door; from decorative panels to glass or sheets, there are many options.

    Decorative panels
    puerta de entrada thermia barcelona
    panel puertas thermia barcelona

    The entrance doors with a strengthened marine ply panel comprise 2 aluminium sheets measuring 1.5 mm in thickness with a solid wood core of 15 mm bonded with resin. For increased security, double marine ply panel with a metal sheet core can be manufactured.

    All the models can be complemented with accessories specific to each collection.

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    Glass entrance doors allow a high amount of penetration of sunlight and brightness into the home. This type of format is a good solution for: sports centres, businesses, warehouses, gardens, terraces, restaurants, hotels, etc. The advantage of this finish is that it is possible to personalise the door with silk-screen printing, vinyl and even applying a colour and finish to the glass. Medium security.
    puerta de entrada thermia barcelona
    A semi-glazed entrance door enables a partial impact of natural light and, in turn, prevents intruders from entering. In the same way as a fully glazed door, it is a valid option for sports centres, businesses, warehouses, gardens, terraces, restaurants, and hotels, among others. Medium security.

    puerta apanelada thermiabarcelona
    An alternative to manufacturing a single or double door with integrated tubular aluminium slats placed vertically. Fully opaque system available in any Thermia casement system. Medium security.


    The surface treatment also makes it possible to customise the windows, in harmony with the architecture ensemble (interior and exterior). At Thermia Barcelona we have prepared a selection of the most popular finishes in current architecture, and we can offer them to you at the best price.







    Do you want us to make something for you?