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    Over time, aluminum windows offer the best price-quality ratio

    Aluminium windows: the best investment in the long term

    Windows are a product that you will surely only fit once in a lifetime. They should be long-lasting and, therefore, the investment made today should last for many years and remain unaltered.

    That is why it is important to look for windows made from materials that guarantee durability, windows with robustness, resistance and 0-maintenance performance that remains intact  as the years go by.

    As we have mentioned, aluminium is a long-lasting material, whose performance in terms of resistance and robustness is not lost over time. The same cannot be said for plastic (PVC) which can suffer from transformation as the years go by (expansion, distortion, etc.)

    Aluminium and its quality seals.

    The aluminium used in Thermia Barcelona windows holds the quality seals and guarantee in all of its finishes to ensure that the passage of time does not affect the material.

    To make this possible, it is crucial that the fitting of the window is carried out by a professional.

    These seals include Qualicoat for lacquered aluminium, Qualanod for anodized aluminium, and Qualideco for decorative finishes in aluminium, such as the wood effect.

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