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    Aluminium windows provide more aesthetic and architectural options than plastic (PVC) windows.

    Architectural studios understand: aluminium.

    The most prestigious architectural studios choose aluminium. Why? Because it is a material which enables, on the one hand, an endless number of colours and finishes and, on the other hand, many architectural solutions. This means that architects, decorators and interior designers can work with creative freedom.

    Aluminium is versatile, stable and is perfectly suited to any design with which we have been presented.

    Due to its intrinsic robustness properties, it enables windows with a narrower profile to be created, without affecting the weight of the glass which it must support. The result is more diaphanous and cleaner windows with more minimal designs.

    Thermia windows kiss solution

    Thermia®CR40 series “kiss” solution. Solution without a central transom. When the leaves are folded, the result is a fully open-plan space.

    Aluminium’s different systems enable more design and construction possibilities, with a wide range of openings and typologies to create new spaces with windows.

    We can work with two-colour aesthetic finishes, in other words, one colour for the exterior and another for the interior, thus achieving the keynote of the established design. The options and combinations are manifold.

    Aluminium can be lacquered in an endless number of shades and colours, above all with metallic colours. They can feature matt, gloss, textured and even wood-effect finishes which amaze the beholder.

    In short, with aluminium you can create more profiles and, therefore, more shapes. This translates to a bigger number of solutions for architectural and interior design projects.

    Acabados y colores en ventanas de aluminio
    • Ventana de alumino efecto madera
    • Ventana de alumino efecto madera
    • Ventana de alumino efecto madera
    At Thermia Barcelona, we have all kinds of colours and finishes to choose from so your windows can fit in perfectly with your architectural project. We offer customised solutions for architects, interior designers, and the end user.