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    Aluminium windows save more energy

    Source: mejordealuminio.com /  Lab TECNALIA

    Energy savings, but without the lies.

    We concur that when purchasing a product such as a window, one of the key factors for consumers is the saving on energy consumption obtained in the home. The question is whether we are going to achieve greater energy savings with aluminium windows or with plastic windows (PVC). We will try to clear up a few concepts.

    On this matter, not everything goes. It is very important to verify the information published.

    This little article is based on the grounds drawn from conclusions verified by serious technical studies conducted by the prestigious certified TECNALIA laboratory (see bibliography at https://www.mejordealuminio.com/referencias-y-bibliografia)

    The conclusions to the study are as follows:

    • It is proven that if an “old” window is replaced by any new window of a certain quality, a considerable energy saving is achieved, regardless of the material chosen. Common sense? Yes.
    • It is proven that if you replace an old window with an aluminium or plastic one with similar characteristics, the energy saving achieved will be practically the same.
    Thermia - la transmitancia térmica del marco de una vetnana

    The truth about the transmittance of the window frame.

    What is the thermal transmittance of a window frame?

    It is the passage of heat through the non-glass part of the window, in other words, the frame: whether it is aluminium, wood, PVC or steel, etc.

    In fact, the material has a lesser influence than reports regularly publish – in order to manipulate in favour of the advertiser – on the overall insulation of a window. The Tecnalia study indicated that in a normal window, the percentage of the whole of the opening represented by the frame does not reach 20%, in order words, the glass represents 80% of the whole of the window and the frame is only 20%.

    Choosing solely considering the low transmittance of the material (aluminium or plastic) is a mistake; it is important to choose considering that the window is and works as an assembly, with the glass and its composition, as a key element to ensure low thermal transmittance rates.

    Stop-gap savings.

    Energy saving must come in the short, medium and long term. Making big savings in the short term, only to see those savings reduced over the long term is unsuitable. When choosing a window it is essential to consider the resistance and duration of the product. It is vital that the window’s performance remains unscathed as the years go by.

    The window must resist without being deformed down the years. Aluminium is a material that prevails unaltered. The same cannot be said for other materials such as plastic (PVC) which can become deformed throughout the years, or wood, which requires constant maintenance in order to preserve its performance in the medium and long term.

    instalador de ventanas

    Fitting, fitting, fitting

    You can purchase the best product, but if it is fitted incorrectly it will not perform as it should, nor will it meet the objectives for which it was manufactured. At Thermia Barcelona we always recommend hiring the services of a professional, who guarantees the correct installation of windows, to enable them to fulfil their task for many years to come.

    Here we  provide you with a list of the Thermia window distributors that can advise you throughout the whole process of purchasing, manufacturing and fitting the windows. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!