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  • Aluminum windows are more durable

    Source: mejordealuminio.com /  Lab TECNALIA

    Emblematic buildings over 100 years old with aluminium windows on their façades.

    Seventy years after being fitted, the windows of the Empire State Building in New York were revised to adapt the old glass to modern technologies with sun control and to adjust the fittings to be able to function optimally.

    After being cleaned, the aluminium was not replaced and remains in place. Can the same be said for other materials?

    All you have to do is look up to find aluminium windows on the façades of magnificent buildings over 100 years old.

    To choose aluminium for windows is to choose a long-lasting material with performance that will remain intact as the years go by. Aluminium windows last for as long as required, without suffering from deformation or alteration.*

    * Always on the basis that it is correctly fitted by a professional.

    What is more resistant, metal or plastic?

    In most cases plastic windows (PVC) need an interior steel reinforcement, since they undergo a great deal of deformation when loads are applied (wind, weight, etc.). This occurs because PVC is a plastic material and the composition, resistance and robustness are not the same as those of aluminium. Ask yourself why car bodies are not made of plastic.

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