¿Quiere ser distribuidor o fabricante de ventanas Thermia?

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If you want to be a national or international manufacturer or fitter of Thermia Barcelona windows, now we offer you the possibility of being part of our international team in a totally customised way, receiving full guidance and with all the guarantees. Our goal is to make marketing the Thermia Barcelona brand a guaranteed success for your business. For this reason, we provide you with all our services.

A good display of the trust and quality that Thermia Barcelona products and services provide is the increasing interest in other international markets. Our know-how means that we can offer streamlined processes, including management and guidance for professionals, export, financial and technical calculations, etc.

Estoy interesado en ser fabricante o instalador Thermia en mi país.

servicios comerciales

Sales Service

Distance is no barrier for us. We are delighted to be able to be part of projects in new markets and new challenges.

All our current distributors and/or fitters benefit from a great deal of support in the management, guidance and marketing of Thermia Barcelona aluminium systems.

Service available to distributors:

  • Constant customised commercial advice.
  • Ongoing training in the manufacture of Thermia systems.
  • Specialised and customised software for the importer/manufacturer.
  • Technical office available to our customers.
  • Adaptation of solutions for new markets.
  • Specific tools for optimal manufacture of Thermia windows.
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Logistics services

Each person’s needs are different depending on the destination country: transport cost, shipping method, urgency of goods, etc. As a result, our logistics department is highly qualified to respond to all the requirements requested, offering a customised, streamlined and fast service.


export-embalajes-thermiaInstalaciones Thermia Barcelona en Barcelona

We are aware of the mishandling that aluminium can suffer throughout a long journey. Therefore, the packaging we use for export operations is painstakingly studied to ensure the materials arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

  1. Profiles shipped in a strengthened cardboard box measuring 300 x 150 x 6300 mm.
  2. Boxes feature internal corner reinforcement and external strapping for handling.
  3. Profiles shipped in plastic film (small groups of 2 to 4 profiles).



The Thermia Barcelona systems can be transported by land, air or sea. The logistics department will study and adapt the budget and need, the geographical condition and urgency for each operation and customer.



We offer our customers the International sales contract using Incoterms, specifying the details of the same based on four key factors: the delivery time of the goods, risks assumed, distribution of expenses generated and customs procedures.

The most common Incoterms are EXW, FOB (or FCA) and CIF (or CIP).